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If you have become overwhelmed by unpaid debt and suddenly find that a creditor armed with a court order is having your wages subtracted from your paycheck, you could benefit from the experienced, dedicated representation of our skilled consumer bankruptcy law firm — the Law Offices of David A. Tilem in Glendale, California.

For more than 30 years, bankruptcy lawyer David A. Tilem has used his years of service, broad legal knowledge and attentive personal service to get positive results for clients throughout Los Angeles County and Ventura County. He can help you, your family and your business, too.

As your attorney, Mr. Tilem can advise you on the advantages of the automatic stay of personal bankruptcy. This feature of Chapter 7 liquidation and Chapter 13 reorganization bankruptcy prevents a lender from setting a chain of events into motion that result in wage garnishment. You keep everything you earn, minus tax obligations, pay your bills and gradually catch up to your debt, using strategies that have helped so many since bankruptcy protections were put into place and since changes in bankruptcy law in 2005.

The automatic stay calls an immediate halt not only to wage garnishment, but to mortgage foreclosure, car and truck repossession, and creditor harassment. While qualifying for a method of true debt relief, you keep your home, keep motor vehicles in your garage and continue your work without the distractions of harassing calls and mail from creditors.

These protections were enacted decades ago for one reason: to help people like you, with financially ailing families and businesses like yours. Which approach is right for you? You won't know until you sit down and discuss your situation with Mr. Tilem in detail and in confidence.

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